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City Odor Report Form

The City of Kalamazoo is asking the Community for feedback on community odors. They track and measure odors to better understand and minimize them, this information helps to identify the most likely path/source of the specific odors.

The information (date, time, location , type of odor) that you provide is reviewed by Wastewater Treatment Plant staff as complaints are received. Operations staff will run a trajectory (path) report that utilizes the location you provided along with local weather, wind direction/speed, and other environmental factors to determine the potential odor source.

The results of these community odor complaints provide valuable data that will be shared with the Odor Task Force to help guide discussions of potential odor sources and reduction efforts. A better understanding of odors will help in the continual improvements being made to minimize Wastewater Treatment Plant and Industrial Odors. If you would like a copy of the trajectory report, please indicate that on the form. The City will send that report to you in the following days.

You can access the form here.

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