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Inventory Kalamazoo Historic Survey

As the weather warms and we have clear skies, the Inventory Kalamazoo 2022 historic survey project will be restarted. The goal is to take new photos of all the buildings in the city – over 24,000 – and the survey is starting on the Eastside. You may see surveyors, intensively studying their smartphones and taking photos. They will all be wearing a backpack with the Inventory Kalamazoo 2020 logo on it. None of the surveyors will go on private property – all the work will be done from the sidewalk or the street. All the surveyors are volunteers – all it takes is a relatively new Smartphone and a few hours of time. If you have any questions about the survey please call Sharon Ferraro at 269-337-8804 or email She is in charge of the survey as the historic preservation coordinator.

Below is the bag that volunteers will be wearing:

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